Lens #10: Relevance

Reading the Bible without an eye to how it impacts your life is like taking a shower with no soap. You’ll get wet, but not clean. The concept of “relevance” is about making sure we go one step farther than studying the Bible as an academic pursuit might. That step is the application of the text to our lives.

Prompts for Discussion

Use the comments box below (under “Leave a Reply”) to discuss some of these prompts. You can post more than one comment and respond to other people’s comments The first time you do it, you many need to provide some basic info like name and email.

1) In the first session of 10 Lenses, I asked what your favorite passage is. Go back and read that passage again. How has participating in 10 Lenses changed how you encounter that passage?

2) Sticking with that same passage, answer the questions I pose in the video above:

  • How is this passage confirming the way I live my life?
  • How is this passage challenging the way I live my life?
  • What question is it answering?
  • What answer is it questioning?
  • What is God saying to me in this study?
  • How am I going to respond to God’s word in my life?

3) What prayer, if any, do you use before, during, or after your Bible study?

4) What is the most important thing you learned from 10 Lenses?

5) What do you wish that I had covered that I didn’t?

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One response to “Lens #10: Relevance

  1. Thank you Adam for an excellent Video series. I’ve learned so many things as we’ve traveled these ten weeks. Have overheard comments about well, who knows who wrote that heading in this section, it’s not part of the bible just someone’s idea of what this section is all about! Someone had been impressed! I love looking at how we put the entire story together in our heads from all the gospels. Didn’t realize how often we do that. And while it’s all fascinating, it’s still hard to figure out why it’s so hard for me to make time for it in each day. I take heart however knowing that I actively try to fill my days with the works of faith that James talks about. Anybody out there have any good ideas on how to make this kind of study and reflection a lifetime habit? Again, Thank You!


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