Lens #4: Genres

Ack! At times in this video, my hair looks like Donald Trump’s comb over. Anyway, the Biblical library is full of different types of writing. Knowing what genre we are reading at any given time can help us in our study by keying us in on surprising elements in the text or by following a formula thus giving us expected elements to look for. Remember that you are one of the books that Jesus hasn’t finished writing yet! What genre of writing is Jesus doing in your life?

Prompts for Discussion

Use the comments box below (under “Leave a Reply”) to discuss some of these prompts. You can post more than one comment and respond to other people’s comments The first time you do it, you many need to provide some basic info like name and email.

1) Below you’ll find a list of Biblical books and passages. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to match the books and passages with the genres in the red box to the right. This is a bit subjective, as some could fit more than one category, but if you end up with them in the same order I did, then you’ll have one for each with none left over. Sound like fun? Thought so!

(a) Mark
(b) 2 Kings 8:16-29
(c) Philemon
(d) 1 Kings 7:38-51
(e) Leviticus 11
(f) Genesis 1-3
(g) 1 Chronicles 1-4
(h) Esther
(i) Revelation 1:9-20
(j) Genesis 37-45
(k) 1 Kings 6:1-10
(l) Exodus 15:20-21
(m) Proverbs 12
(n) Isaiah 49:1-13
(o) Psalm 45
(p) Acts 7:2-53

2) Can you think of any genres of writing that the Bible contains that I left out? If so what are they are where can we find them?

3) To which section of the “library” do you gravitate when you pick up your Bible and read?

4) How do you think figuring out a passage’s genre will help in your study of the passage?

5) Find a place in the Bible that contains several genres next to one another. Chart the move from one genre of writing to the next.

Example: the Gospel according to Matthew begins with a genealogy (1:1-17), then moves into narrative (1:18 — 4:25), then has several chapters of sermon in a row (5:1 — 7:27).

(After you finish these exercises, click the red box containing the genres to see Adam’s answers to the matching.)

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