Lens #9: Performance

Read the Bible out loud! Not only that, try to “perform” the text as an actor might. Perhaps, even get up and move around. The more you get your body and your breath into the reading, the more ways you are interacting with the text. And the more ways the text can interact with you.

Prompts for Discussion

Use the comments box below (under “Leave a Reply”) to discuss some of these prompts. You can post more than one comment and respond to other people’s comments The first time you do it, you many need to provide some basic info like name and email.

1) Read aloud this Sunday’s Gospel lesson, a part of which I quoted in the video. (You’ll note that the lectionary skips the last verse I read.) How do you hear Jesus and Peter speaking? What emotions do they convey?

2) How do you hear Pontius Pilate’s question: “What is truth?” Do you think sarcastic, angry, or curious cover the bases? Or could it be another emotion all together? How about Jesus’ dialogue in the same passage? (Click here to read the passage.)

3) Pick another passage of the Gospel that you are familiar with. Read it out loud. How does reading aloud change your connection to or understanding of the passage?

4) Try memorizing between five and fifteen verses of a story in the Gospel. Deliver the lines like an actor would onstage. What interpretive decisions did you find yourself making?

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